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Occasionally I get e-mails sent to me with subjects that may be interesting to the rest of the league.  I'll keep this page open for whatever you guys want to say -- any subject, complaint, or just a means to vent your frustrations.  Only signed letters will be printed.  OK?  Here we go:

Mr. Matarrese,
Your snotty, low class political commentary is out of place in this situation.
Remove me from your list.
Jonathan Weber
Thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of our golf league.
One request...can we leave the political comments out of our communications.
John Hendricks
Thanks for update, but attempt at polical humor was not appreciated. Billary lost, deal with it.
Tom Starks
Hi Ed,
Well, if someone had asked, I would have said, based solely on your old "Talk of the Town?" writings for the SPPG news, that you seem too decent and humane a guy to be a Trump supporter. Nice to have confirmation.
Check will be in the mail soon.
Doug Day
Thanks to all the guys and it pays so well too!! Peter Abramoff
Ed: Yes indeed it was nice and fun year we've had. Thank you and all of functionaries, as well as Mother Nature for the excellent season. You have a wonderful thanksgiving, Xmas and happy new year.
Longer and straighter,
Kiyo Hoshino
Jim Vyvyan
Thanks for all that you do for us Ed. Have a great year end and hope that you stay healthy, wealthy and wise. Hope to hear from you next Spring.
Steve Reifenberg
Ed and all of our wonderful volunteers: As SPPG members, we're blessed to have dedicated guys to organize our Monday golf. Your service refutes the quote, "No good deed goes unpunished." Thanks for all you do,

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