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Here's a quick review of some of the rules, procedures, and suggestions we would like our members to follow:

1. In order to help provide a more equitable platform for our higher handicapped golfers, we have incorporated the Equitable Stroke Control (much like the ESC of the USGA) into our handicapping system.  This means that a golfer will enter his total strokes for each hole on his score card and, based on his handicap, we adjust his score accordingly.  The following charts give an idea of what his nine or eighteen handicap calculations are based on:


9 Hole Naga-Waukee Handicap

Maximum Number on any Hole

4.9 or less

Double Bogey

5 through 9.9


10 through 14.9


15 through 19.9


20 or more




18 Hole Naga-Waukee Handicap

Maximum Number on any Hole

9 or less

Double Bogey

10 through 19


20 through 29


30 through 39


40 or more


Everyone is expected to hole out and enter his total score for any particular hole onto his scorecard.  In other words, the "max of three strokes above par" rule is suspended.

2. Because of the usual back up on the 3rd hole tee, we ask those golfers who hit their tee shots into the pond to use the drop area to the left of the pond for their next shot instead of teeing another ball from the original tee.  They will be shooting their 3rd stroke, of course. It seems that the course changes the drop zone whenever it feel like it, so follow whatever they dictate.  Hopefully this may help the situation a little.

3. Please report eagles to either Dale Stimac, Pete Musante, or Bill Gouge' (that, of course, includes holes-in-one).

4. A golfer is eligible to win only one flag event (closest to pin, long drive, etc.) in any three round event period.  So, if he's won during the past two outings (where flag events are featured), he should not enter his name on any event tag until that period has expired.

5. A golfer is eligible to win only one net or gross prize in any four round event period.  This is a separate category in respect to No. 4.

6. Those golfers over 75 years of age (as of May 1) may play from any tee they so desire -- red, white, or gold.  Those under that age may play from any tee except the red.  Handicaps will be calculated from the gold tee specifications (slope 117/118 and 68.1 par rating).  Remember: Of utmost importance is that no matter what tee is used, the golfer MUST continue to use that tee for every score he turns in.  The handicap system would become invalid and useless otherwise!!!!!

7. Although each individual foursome establishes their own "unwritten rules", our league uses a modification on a lost ball in the woods.  In order to speed up play, a golfer hitting his tee ball into the forest should hit his next shot from where it went into the trees instead of coming back to the tee and disrupting the next foursome.  An errant shot from the fairway should be treated the same way.  (Of course a stroke must be assessed for the lost ball!)

8. It is very important that all scores be recorded on the score sheet in the club house and scorecards deposited in the scorecard box.  Please make sure to include all players' last names and Team Number.

9. Handicaps that are published are only valid for Naga-Waukee.

10. Since our membership is composed of players with a wide range of abilities and ages, sometimes a group may fall behind in their speed of play.  If there is an empty fairway ahead of a team and they are being pressed by a faster foursome behind them, it would be polite to allow them to play through.

11. It is imperative that when a golfer knows he will be unable to play on any given date that he should obtain an alternate in his place.  This is only fair not only to the rest of his foursome but to the many alternates available.  Any person on the alternate list is eligible to play and is asked to pay his golf fee to one of the remaining team members whenever subbing.  If you are unable to contact an alternate by phone (see "Alternates List"), try using our "Need an Alternate?" service.  We'll send out a request to all alternates who have an e-mail address registered with us.

12. Of course it stands to reason that when an alternate agrees to take someone's place, he becomes a member of that foursome for that day and has all the responsibilities that go along with it.  If he does not show up at the agreed time, he is still liable for the golf fee as if he was the man he was replacing.  Since no further arrangements were attempted to obtain another alternate, it is only fair that the delinquent substitute should still pay his golf fee.



After many discussions and meetings with the management at Naga-Waukee, we have come up with an agreement that should solve most of our "partial rain out" days' unpleasantness.

When the course is closed before we even start our league play, there never is a problem.  We just don't pay and everyone is issued a credit to be refunded at the season's end (either by check or a tournament/luncheon price reduction).  But when teams have started and the rains come, we have problems.

We have been told that the course will not be issuing rain checks to leagues.  When the situation occurs that not everyone has played the minimum number of holes to warrant a rain credit, the league will pay for only those golfers who have played four or more holes of the respective nine holes.  In other words, we pay for what we play.  By being presented this bill from the club house personel, we will know who gets credit and who doesn't.  An accounting of each day's outing will be recorded and saved on the league's financial books.

There is one big disadvantage in not receiving rain checks, obviously:  When paying $23.50 for an 18 hole round and playing only nine holes, we are charged the nine hole fee of $15.25.  That leaves only $8.25 credit to each golfer.  You can't finish your round later for that amount.  We'll have to live with that, I suppose.

One important thing to remember:  The golf course personnel are responsible in deciding if the course is unfit to play and will declare it closed when that happens.  A siren or some other method will warn us of this situation.  In other words, keep playing until notified otherwise.

So, that's it.  It may be a big job to keep the books straight, but with some minor help and consideration from the membership we'll get through it.  A few things must be adhered to, though:

(1):  All credits will be issued to regular members only.  If an alternate was used on the rain day, communication between him and who he is replacing will have to be done by those involved, not the league.  I'm sure you can understand the problems otherwise.

(2):  On these goofy days, be sure to let the club house personnel know how many holes you played so they can bill the league the proper amount.

(3):  Regardless on how many holes you play, be sure to turn in your score cards anyway for handicap purposes.

Weather is one big thing that we are powerless to control.  But, living in this area, we can at least try to get the most out of it and enjoy it when it's pleasant.  There are days like that.  Honest!


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