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Waukesha County Seniors Monday Golf League


October 11

  Yep, 2017 is now in the history books.  It was a good year and hopefully fun for all.

  One thing happened that usually never does -- we didn't have a single rain out!  Most Mondays presented us with good golfing weather and we owe the weather man some thanks for that.  The year end tournament/banquet was a big success.

  The season is over, the World Series and football is upon us.  The Brewers didn't make the playoffs but surprised many of its fans with its fine showing.  The Badgers are playing fine ball as are the Packers.  So we still have some sports to fill our need for exciting TV watching.

  We must remember to thank our volunteers for the work they put in this year: Dale Stimac, Chief Coordinator & Roster Functionary; Bill Gougé, Treasurer & Flag Functionary; Pete Musante, Handicap Functionary; and Jim Kunz, Tournament/Banquet Functionary.  There wouldn't be much of a league without them.

  So, it's so long for awhile, but come back to the website once in a while to check on your league's off-season news.  OK?

  See ya,

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