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Waukesha County Seniors Monday Golf League


September 18

  The reports that I have gotten about our banquet/tournament point to a very good event, topped off by a beautiful day.  Unfortunately, I don't have all the information turned in yet but I'll give you what I have and when/if I ever get the other results, I'll publish it for you guys.

  Before I give you the scores and finishing order, I'd like to mention that we had three honor scores reported for that day: Jay Mays 77, George Carian 78 and Al Johnson 79.  Great golfing you guys, a good way to end your SPPG season.

  There were 28 golfers out of the 70 entrants that broke 90.  Pretty good golfing, for sure.

  I've tried to assemble all the data from Pete Musante into a somewhat readable format, but if you have any questions, you can contact Pete for more information.


Like I mentioned above, I cannot print the flag winners until they are sent to me. If you are interested in seeing the list, you may contact Bill Gouge' at 262-783-4397.


(9 Holers Final)

(18 Holers Final)

Complete Standings at 2017 Individual Standings

  See ya,

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