Waukesha County Seniors Monday Golf League


put it past the pin

Think about your last round: How often were you short of the pin on approach shots? How often were you past it? On chips and pitches, how many times were you short, how many times past?

On reflection, you'll likely realize that the ball finished close to the hole when you hit it past the pin more often than when you were short.


A frequent criticism expressed by Tour players about their amateur partners is that they don't "give the ball a chance." Next time out, make it a point to give each shot a chance by taking enough stick to hit every approach shot past the hole. Don't leave anything short, whether you're hitting a fairway wood or a wedge. The same goes for pitches, chips and sand shots.

Carry the aggressive style a step further and apply it to putting. Give every stroke enough juice to run past the cup if you miss. Short ones, too -- don't let a four footer die on the front lip.

Your reward for a swashbuckling style of play is sure to be two to four shots off your score -- maybe more.

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