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check your grip thickness

If your hook or slice persists after trying several solutions, it's time to experiment with varying the thickness of your grips.

Hooks and slices often result from poor hand action -- either too much or not enough. And the thickness of the grip can be a major factor in promoting or inhibiting that action.

Too thin a grip can lead to too much hand action, which causes the hands to roll over through impact, closing the clubface and resulting in a snap-hook. A thicker grip puts more of the club in the palms of your hands, minimizing hand and wrist action.

Too thick a grip restricts hand action. The hands don't release through impact, and the clubface stays open, causing a slice. Thinner grips place more of the club in the fingers, increasing hand and wrist action.

Experiment with grip size only as a last resort. Most of the time your hook or slice follows from poor fundamentals. Try hitting clubs with grips of varying thicknesses and see if they make a difference in the accuracy of your shots.

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