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avoid the sloppy swing

The infusion of perimeter-weighted clubs into the market has been a boon for all golfers. Miss the sweetspot and these forgiving clubs will still produce a pretty good result. In contrast, wooden woods and blade-style irons are not very forgiving: Mishit the ball even slightly and you'll see a noticeable loss of distance, direction, and trajectory.

Because of this difference in performance, many players, even Tour pros, have made the switch to perimeter-weighted woods and irons. If you're among them, be sure you don't get sloppy. Because the quality of contact with perimeter-weighted clubs doesn't have to be quite so precise, there's a tendency to downplay the importance of making solid contact, and that can lead to sloppiness, swinging too hard, poor clubhead path, swaying, and so on. Never forget about the quality of your swing.

To help instill this concern, take a wooden driver and blade 5-iron every time you go to the practice range and spend a few minutes hitting each. This should help keep your swing honed and your focus on making solid, square contact with every club.

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