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the long explosion

At least once a round an approach shot will come up very short and finish in a bunker 20 yards or more from the pin. Often the ball has rolled into the trap, which means you'll have to fly over a wide expanse of sand before finding the green. The prospect of leaving the ball in the bunker makes this an unusually frightening shot.

Long and Slow

A ball that has barely rolled into the trap should have a good lie. You can float the ball from the sand instead of popping it out. To do this, take a shallow cut of sand at impact.

Set up with a closed stance and open the clubface slightly. Swing back using the same technique as for a short pitch and run. Keep the wrists firm and make a three-quarter backswing.

Control the downswing with your arms and keep the club moving lower through the hitting area so that it skims the sand. The ball will carry the lip, land on the green half way to the hole and roll the rest of the way.

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