Waukesha County Seniors Monday Golf League


forget the ball

Bunker shots got you down? Not surprising. There aren't too many amateur players who list sand play among their strong suits. You've memorized the basics -- open stance, open clubface, hit behind the ball, etc. -- and heard that "the explosion is one of the easiest shots in golf..." But you're still painfully inconsistent out of bunkers, either taking too much sand and leaving the ball on the beach or taking too little and launching it way too long.

Try This

Pick out a spot about two inches behind the ball -- a dark speck of sand, a pebble, anything -- and fix your eyes on it. Forget about the ball and address the spot, playing it just inside your left heel. Focus on swinging the clubhead freely down into that spot and letting it bounce through the sand. The forgotten ball will pop out high and soft onto the green.

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