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hit long irons high and soft

Hitting a long iron on a low trajectory is a good strategy in a strong headwind. Most of the time, though, you'll want to hit a more controlled high shot that lands softly and holds the green. Here's how to get your irons up.

Proper Ball Position

Playing the ball forward in the stance -- one inch behind the left heel -- is the most important setup key, for it allows you to sweep the ball, whereas playing the ball back causes you to hit with a descending blow. You also may find it helpful, at address, to tilt your weight slightly back toward your heels, which will help make a shallow, sweeping downswing.

Wide, Wide Arc

The wider the swing arc, the higher the shot. To create the widest possible arc, set up with a straight left arm and keep the clubhead low to the ground in the takeaway. Feel as if you are stretching the left hand away from your left shoulder while turning around the fixed axis of your spine.

Stay Behind the Ball

After reaching a parallel position at the top, shift your weight to your left side to start the downswing. Then, as you pull the club through with your hands, keep your upper body behind the ball until impact. Make no effort to help the ball into the air; sweep the club through and finish high.

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