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short-iron draw

This position is all too familiar: you've crushed a huge tee shot on a par four but pulled it into the trees on the left. You're a short iron from the green, but a few tall trees stand in your way. Trying to hit over the trees is poor strategy. It's time for the short-iron draw.

Not every player can deliberately bend the ball with a short iron (8-iron and down) because it's difficult to impart sidespin off a well-lofted clubface. (The angled face does produce backspin, however.) But if you generate a lot of clubhead speed, you should be able to work the ball from side to side despite this relatively short distance.

Avoid the Trees

Aim well away from the trees that block your line to the green, you don't want a branch kicking the ball off-line. Set up square to the line of flight, then close your stance by moving your right foot an inch back away from the target line. Keep the clubface aimed squarely down the line.

Take the club away slightly more to the inside than usual, then pull it down with the hands, keeping your head down even longer than usual: Don't lift up until your right hand has moved well past your chin. This will encourage the right hand to roll over the left, closing the clubface through impact and creating draw-spin. Because the face is closing, the shot will fly lower, farther and roll more; compensate by taking one less club (9-iron instead of 8-, say) than would be normal for the distance.

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