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patience is a virtue

Although your game has room for ball-striking improvement, an improved playing strategy probably is a better avenue for shaving strokes off your handicap.

Ironically, you probably have already found that an aggressive playing strategy can backfire and cost more strokes than it saves. So strive for a "patient'' strategy, making common sense your on-course priority.

The Difference between Caution and Patience

Patience on the links does not mean playing timidly or cautiously. It does mean exercising reserve on holes that are tough to birdie but easy to bogey.

Although it's fun to think "birdie," it's not always smart: Be patient and wait for good opportunities to come up before attacking. Don't try to bite off too much of a dogleg by attempting a perfect draw or fade; having a wedge to the green may give you a better chance at bird, but it's a tough par from out of the woods. Play for the fat of the green instead of shooting at a pin near a pond. Weigh your decision before deciding on a plan of action. Just as every course has tough holes, it also has easy, "breather" holes that are relatively hazard-free. These are designed for par breaking, since errant shots will be simpler to recover from.

Give it some thought. A little patience exercised at the right times may be just what your score-card needs.

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