An alternate is needed for Terry Chapin on Team 5 for August 21, teeing off at 9:40. Please contact Ara at 262-370-9902 or e-mail him at

Ara Cherchian is looking for an alternate to fill his spot on team 5 on September 11. They tee off at 7:00 AM. If interested, please call him at 262-370-9902 or email him at

If you are unable to find an alternate using the usual method of calling him from the Alternate List, I may be able to help.  Send me an e-mail (address below) with your name, team number, and date you need an alternate.  I will send out an e-mail to all alternates with your info.

NOTE:  Be sure to let me know if/when an alternate is found so your request can be removed from this page.

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